Comfort Fit Pets: New Fit on an Old Collar

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Instead of putting a collar and leash around a dog’s neck, why not put it around their chest and upper legs and torso, the strongest part of a dog’s frame?  When you take your dog walking, you never know what is going to happen.  Stray cat, possum, small child, runaway ball, unfriendly dogs are all possibilities, but you do know that that the animal instinct to react and give chase or pounce will always be too much to resist for a healthy dog.  You could almost see them as responsible, these leashes preventing their tempestuous and impulsive counterparts from running dangerously into traffic, chasing whatever may have garnered their attention for the few seconds it would take for them to bolt.  Possibly the next best thing since sliced bread, Comfort Fit Pets has come along with their version of the small dog harness.  It is sturdy yet soft, firm yet comfortable, safe yet durable.  It’s a very simple idea:  instead of restraining your pet with something that resembles and functions like a hangman’s noose, why not control your pet with a device that collars their body instead?  These days there are “dog parks,” places specifically built for dogs so that they are allowed the freedom to run, play, and to simply be themselves.  Ironically, these places tend not to be as plentiful, and are quickly crowded, especially during peak hours, and so the need for a dog to be leashed will be just as, if not moreso, necessary in the one place that were specifically designed for dogs lest they get into an altercation with another dog.  That leash is absolutely necessary.  Whether it be dog harnesses for canines of a smaller breed (small dog harness vest) or dog harnesses for the bigger breeds that are known as no pull dog harness, it is obvious that these harnesses are a much healthier alternative.  Made from the same material used to make hang gliders, they are made of strong and durable material.  They also have the distinction of being made by Metric USA who has a long history of manufacturing bra cups for lingerie, women’s underwear, and swimwear.  This is probably why the dog harnesses are cushioned on the inside and and have soft seams, both reducing and minimizing skin irritation as well as to help cushion the tension and tug that occurs all too often between the pet and owner for a multitude of reasons.  Fastened by velcro, the harness can be adjusted for a snug fit, and sports two D ring for each leash attachment.  They harness weighs in at only two ounces, insuring that even the smallest of dogs won’t be burdened by the extra fabric.  When you consider how fundamental the concept is behind the product, it can be infuriatingly frustrating to think that the modern day dog harness hasn’t been around longer.  It was a commonplace sight to see dog owners walk their pets down the street in the afternoon or evening, leashes securely tied around the dog’s neck.  

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Comfort Fit Harness for Dogs